Tony Buzan

Professor Buzan is the author of 140 plus books translated into over 30 languages on thinking , genius and the brain; he is one of the world’s most effective public speakers, and has acted as Dean of the Renaissance Academies of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein and President Vicente Fox of Mexico.

Professor Tony is also a published poet , with the world of poetry already wowed by his Structure in Hyperspace and eagerly awaiting his Homeric and Daliesque Epic, Aman. He has been nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize, won countless awards from governments ,corporations and educational institutions , and has visited almost 80 countries in his quest to bring about global Mental Literacy and educate -via Tony Tens -the millions of children of all creeds, gender, race and physical or mental ability across the planet—and beyond!

Professor Tony Buzan was specifically invited by King Hasan II of Jordan, from amongst all the world’s leading educators and thinkers to address a conference of Nobel Laureates in Petra 2008. He was , as was also revealed by numerous global media outlets in 2008, personally invited  to teach the children of superstar Michael Jackson. He co-founded the World Memory Championship dating from 1991 and co-organised the World Draughts Championship, including the first ever Man -v- Computer World Championship in any thinking sport. He holds the Torrance Test accolade for the most outstanding results in Creative Thinking . Above all he is the Inventor of Mind Maps, the system of creativity and note taking which has swept the educational establishments of the world.

Tony Buzan died on 13 April 2019 (aged 76). He was our mentor and our friend and is mourned by all of the Brain Trust family.