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Accelerated Learning and Memory Skills Programme

The Brain Trust’s Accelerated Learning and Memory Skills Programme goes from strength to strength.

In 2012, the Brain Trust asked David Taylor (formerly of OFSTED) to recommend a school in which the Trust could pilot this programme. We were looking for a school where the students would benefit from the programme but also where the teachers had the ability and enthusiasm to carry through the training. Following David’s kind recommendation, we selected the Lilian Baylis Technology School in Lambeth, South London and the Head Teacher Gary Phillips readily agreed to participate in the pilot. Tony Buzan, Dominic O Brien, Phil Chambers and Chris Day attended the school to teach staff and pupils Memory and Mind Mapping techniques. Later that year, the World Memory championship was staged in the school “pour encourager les autres”. Many juniors and kids were introduced to the empowering skills of memory. The Championship was in fact won by Johannes Mallow from Germany, who suffers from muscular dystrophy and is completely immobile, thus proving that memory skills cross all human boundaries with no discrimination of any sort whatsoever!

The following year year the school became famous as the most improved school in the country.

The Brain Trust then expanded its work into North London Schools, in particular Hammersmith and Fulham where we enjoy the invaluable support of the Mayor, Cllr Frances Stainton, to help those pupils with learning disadvantages. To facilitate this we have formed a strategic alliance with Anthony Richards, Programme Director of the London Science Museum who has already provided superb venue and ancillary support. We have also been working with Deborah Evans-Stickland of the charity Outside-Inside Pathways and supporting her work with the learning disabled.

The Brain Trust has now expanded memory training for the UK Schools Memory Championship across the entire UK.

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