The Brain Trust


At the heart of The Brain Trust’s mission is a governing body that shines with brilliance. A constellation of minds, luminous and profound, guiding our path forward. From intellectuals who unravel the complexities of thought, champions who triumph over challenges, writers who craft worlds with mere words, to accomplished individuals who have redefined success – they all stand united under our banner.

But what ignites this glowing tapestry of wisdom and insight? It’s inspiration drawn from a beacon of genius and intellect – Tony Buzan. A man whose creativity gave birth to the concept of mind mapping, a tool that has revolutionized the way we think, learn, and create.

The principles that Tony Buzan embraced breathe life into our organization, fuelling our commitment to harvest brilliance across the globe. His revolutionary ideas continue to echo in our halls, inspiring us to foster a mentally literate world.

With such a guiding star, The Brain Trust isn’t merely navigating the vast seas of intellectual discovery; we’re charting new territories, forging paths where others only see obstacles. In the words of Tony Buzan himself, “Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.” Our governance reflects that philosophy, and it’s a journey that we are privileged to embark upon, together with you.