The Brain

Our Amazing Brain –
By Tony Buzan

Your brain is composed of a million, million brain cells. Each one of these tiny, microscopically small, amazingly complex and fantasmagoric little beings is an independent intelligence.

Each one has hundreds of mobile arms and each arm thousands of connection points with which it can contact, embrace and form connections with tens of thousands of other similarly independent intelligence’s. The number of independent patterns of thought possible in this amazing internal network is greater than the number of atoms there would be in over a hundred universes such as ours.

Your brain is, indeed, a supreme example of, and is the ultimate, Internet. With the advance of computer and electronic technology, the world’s human brains have created the external, electronic Internet.

Each human being with a brain cell, can thus be compared to the multiple linkings that we are now able to make with each other being a metaphor for the connecting tentacles of each brain cell.

We are, in a very real sense, in the process of creating the first Global Brain. My goal, and the goal of the Buzan Centres and the The Buzan Group is the creation of a Mentally Literate planet: one in which every human being is fully aware of the physical and behavioural alphabets of that remarkable organ, the human brain; where everyone is aware of the different parts of the brain and their functions, the various and intriguing capacities of the cerebral cortex,

the physical functioning of the brain cell and the effect of thinking upon its creation and structure, and the behavioural aspects, applications and development of:

Analytical Thinking
Strategic Thinking
Reading Speed
Reading Study skills
Mind Mapping

We hold that such information is the Prime and Natural Birth Right of every human being. As we enter what The Brain Trust Charity has proclaimed to be the Century of the Brain and the Millennium of the Mind,

it is essential that every effort be made and every instrument be brought to bear to bring about this Utopian and imminently realisable goal. The Internet, being a reflection of the workings of the brain itself, is the ideal tool for such an initiative. Like the human brain, the Internet is infinitely flexible, allows any cell (human) to contact any other, is electronically and laser-light fast, is self-organising, interactive, capable of storing vast amounts of data, and is, by definition, infinitely creative.

The Internet is like a giant planet-sized child, unquenchably thirsting for knowledge, loving and capable of the use of colour, pictures, sound, and images, and capable of lightning-fast learning and rapid habit-adjustment and change. It is also a new, dynamic and multi-sensory/faceted publishing medium that enables us to reduce the once two-year long gap between concept and publication to one of less than two minutes! What a wonderful new companion, playmate and guide in our search for self-awareness and self-realisation.

The Internet will be the evolutionary mechanism that allows us to play an eternal game of intelligence ‘Leap-Frog’, where each leap will represent a quantum in the growth and flowering of terrestrial and Universal Intelligence.

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You can become a part of our global odyssey of intellect.

 Your contribution isn’t just funding; it’s an endorsement of creativity, a nod to critical thinking, and a step towards making mental well-being a reality for underserved communities.