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Delivery Philosophy

At the heart of The Brain Trust lies a unifying ethos, governed by principles of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity.

Volunteerism and Efficiency: Every member of The Brain Trust extends their service purely on a volunteer basis. Without paid officials, salaries, or fees for individuals, the core of our resources is directed towards the charity’s missions. This ensures an exceptional ratio between donations received and funds committed to charitable causes.

A Modern, Dynamic Approach: The Brain Trust is not just an organization; it’s a movement. We see ourselves as modern, dynamic, innovative, pioneering, relevant, and flexible. Instead of merely providing direct funding, we cast our net far and wide, assisting various national and international causes through innovative fundraising activities.

Global Network for Good: Our reach extends to prominent individuals worldwide who stand ready to contribute their time and resources at a moment’s notice. This broad network elevates our effectiveness, removing the need for costly fundraising exercises and enabling us to channel our efforts directly into public benefit without unnecessary administrative burdens.

Ethical and Inclusive Commitment: The Brain Trust stands firmly against activities that are detrimental to the environment, individual, or society. We are wholly NON-DISCRIMINATORY, recognizing no barriers in terms of physical or mental disability, geography, age, race, gender, religion, or wealth status. We extend our help where it can be most relevant, ensuring that our assistance never aligns with harmful, racist, or hate-driven entities, nor do we engage in or profess any political affiliations.

In the fabric of The Brain Trust, each thread represents a belief, a value, a commitment. Together, they weave a tapestry that embodies our philosophy – a philosophy that resonates with the modern needs of humanity, delivered with an efficiency and passion that makes every effort, every contribution, every connection count.



Our representation worldwide includes London, Cape Town, Dubai, Hyderabad, Liechtenstein, Mexico City, New York, Santa Fe, Shanghai and Sydney:

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What Makes Us Unique:

The Brain Trust is more than an organization; it’s a movement towards a brighter, intellectually enriched future. What sets us apart is not just what we do but how we do it. Here are five defining attributes that make Brain Trust different and unique:

Volunteer-Driven Philosophy:

At Brain Trust, every mind, every effort, is volunteered. Without salaries or fees for individuals, we channel an extraordinary portion of our resources directly into charitable causes. This commitment to volunteerism is our lifeblood, fuelling our mission with pure dedication.

Global Reach, Local Impact:

Our net stretches across the world, connecting with brilliant minds and compassionate hearts. Yet, our focus remains sharply on the local communities, the individual minds we nurture, the lives we touch. We’re global in our vision but local in our impact.

Innovative Fundraising Approach:

We break the conventional mould of charitable giving. Rather than simply offering direct funding, we engage in and organize diverse fundraising activities. By assisting various other charities, we amplify our ability to make a difference, turning singular efforts into a symphony of change.

Inclusivity and Ethical Commitment:

We stand firm in our commitment to inclusivity. Whether it’s about race, age, religion, or social status, our doors are open to all. Our ethical guidelines ensure that we engage in no activities detrimental to the environment or individuals. Our non-discriminatory stance is not just a policy; it’s our promise.

Inspired by a Visionary:

The principles of Tony Buzan, the revolutionary mind behind mind mapping, guide our footsteps. His ideas resonate in our halls, inspiring us to cultivate intellect and compassion, harnessing the human brain’s potential as it was meant to be.

The Brain Trust

The Brain Trust is a tapestry of these unique threads, woven together by our shared mission to harvest brilliance. We are a fusion of innovation, compassion, ethics, and vision, united in our quest to foster a mentally literate world. Join us, and be a part of something uniquely impactful.

Tony Buzan

Michel Wozniak

Ray Keene OBE

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Ray Keene OBE, Dr Jorge Castaneda, Professor Marek Kasperski, Julian Simpole, Professor J. S. Eales, Alexander Keene MA.

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