The Brain of the Year

Since 1990:


The Brain of the Year winners, as recognized by the Brain Trust, are more than just extraordinary minds; they are compassionate human catalysts for global transformation. Through their remarkable intelligence, groundbreaking enterprise, unyielding intellect, and influential thought leadership, they have reached into the very heart of society, touching lives and shaping futures. Whether illuminating the mysteries of the cosmos or pioneering new pathways in human thought and understanding, their collective wisdom resonates like a gentle whisper, encouraging all to strive for greatness. In fields as diverse as science, sports, art, and activism, they have sown the seeds of curiosity, inspiration, and empowerment. The warmth of their passion and the depth of their insights have created a tapestry of progress that connects us all, demonstrating the incredible power of the human brain to not only conceive and innovate but to empathize and uplift. Their lasting impact stands as a testament to the potential we all hold to make a difference in the world, guided by our intellect and the shared pursuit of excellence.

We have arranged biographies of some of the previous Brain of the Year laureates in an alphabetical order:


Arif Anis

Ambassador Dr. Otto
Federico von Feigenblatt

Baroness Susan Greenfield

(Grand Sumo Champion)

Demis Hassabis

Dominic O'Brien

Edward de Bono

Garry Kasparov

John Glenn

Marek Kasperski

Prince Mohsin Ali

Professor Michael

Sania Alam

Sir Steve Redgrave

Stephen Hawking

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